We have plenty of groups for you to join because you should never walk through life alone! Find the right group for you and learn how to join

Jesus Kidz

Our biggest group has to be our Jesus Kidz! We do what we can to make sure our kids feel like they belong and are taken care of.  We want your kids to get involved as well and begin their journey with getting to know Jesus

JC Youth

Our Youth is such an important part of our community and we make sure that our leaders are going above and beyond to take care of them and to make sure they want to come every week to learn about Jesus and to hang out with their Friends!

JC Women

Our ladies have always been great leaders of our church! This group has always set the bar high when it comes to making everyone feel welcomed! They have weekly bible studies and monthly events! 

JC Men

We can't stress the importance of our ministry to men! Today's culture wants to diminish the importance men play in our society but we know that when men get it right everybody wins.  Men we don't need to figure it out alone, link up with other men and help us all find out what God has for us as a team! 

Missional Groups

Jesus Church is not a location; JC is its members.  We need to bring Jesus Church to our communities and the world.  Our Missional Groups help you meet with Like-Hearted individuals because as a team we go a lot farther then we ever can alone.