Here is a note from Pastor Aaron and Jesus Church Leadership:

Jesus Church Family,

Today (6.19.2020) our mayor and city council voted to mandate the wearing of masks for anyone over the age of 5 while outside of their residence. Because we are a part of the community, and with the confidence that this does not violate any of our religious beliefs or rights, we have decided it is a reasonable response to support and abide by their guidelines.

We believe that this is a healthy way to engage with our city and stand with them in their attempt to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Even if you do not agree with this mandate, I do not believe this is a hill to die on. We can still meet, worship, and hear the Word of God in community and that is what is important. Because of the proximity of this announcement to our weekend services, we will give grace if you are not able to attain a mask by this Sunday, but starting next week we will start following some guidelines as understood by the city of Phoenix proclamations.
*Masks are required to be worn while entering, exiting, and while moving around any building on site.
*Masks may be relaxed when stationary and while 6 feet away from someone not in your party.
*When you find your seats, you must ensure there are at least two chairs between your party and the next.

In regards to those who have medical issues with wearing a mask, we will handle those on a case by case basis, so please contact us at if this affects you. We will still also provide our online experience if you are more comfortable worshiping with us from home. We will all get through this and are grateful that our hope is in Jesus and not the circumstances of this world. If you are dealing with fear or anxiety because of any of this, we are here for you. Please reach out to us and I would personally love to talk and pray with you through this journey. Please stay safe, stay hopeful, and stay confident that your security is not in this world, but in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Pastor Aaron and Jesus Church Leadership