Pastor's Pen 5.24.2020

Pastor’s Pen for Sunday, May 24, 2020
Giving Honor to Whom Honor is Due…

We have the privilege to recall and pay our respects,
To those who served bravely to defend our freedom,
On their sacrifice, is built the strength of a grateful nation,
 Remembering that freedom isn’t free…

So today we pause to reflect on their bravery and valor,
On their service, sacrifice and unwavering devotion,
To their country, to future generations, to our way of life,
And especially to those who paid the ultimate price…

For you see it’s very easy to neglect and even to forget,
How the service of others has laid a foundation for our future;
Has secured our nation’s commitment to liberty and justice;
And given all of us an example to follow…

Some would question the proposition of a ‘city on a hill’,
Whose beacon shines forth, beckoning those still,
Who seek these self-evident truths, 
tested through the ages,
Values taught and principles seen in history’s pages…

For we are not the first and won’t be the last,
Who need to study and learn from our past,
And there to find so many reasons for gratitude,
Asking God to daily adjust our attitude…

So we give honor to those to whom it is due,
While reflecting on a banner, red, white and blue,
Recalling what our Creator would have us do,
And trusting Him in us, faithfully to shine through…

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