Pastor's Pen 2.26.2023

Pushing Back
"I was pushed back and about to fall, but the Lord helped me.  The Lord is my strength and my defense; He has become my salvation."  Psalm 118:13-14

Often times we can face situations and circumstances that seem to surround us and push us against the wall.  At times we are hard pressed and feel we lack options or solutions. 

Psalm 118 was written during the time the ruined walls of Jerusalem were rebuilt. (Nehemiah 12:27-43) After a long season of being subjugated by their surrounding enemies, Israel again relied on the Lord to be their Defense, Strength and Salvation. This is what they declared in worship.  Though they were "hard pressed" they cried to the Lord and they experienced "a spacious place".
[See Psalm 118:1]

This reminds us that worship is vital in spiritual warfare.  We are merely singing words, we are pushing back the forces of darkness as we stand on His promises. In worship we extol His excellency; declare His victory; receive His strength and overcome in His name!  

Don't let the enemy hem you in, push you back or threaten your identity! Rise with full confidence that the Lord will help you as you praise Him!

Revival, expect it!

Pastor Rick Meyers 

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