Pastor's Pen 1.17.2021

Faith is the Victory!
This week I continued to see God at work in my life as I regain strength following a surgery on Monday. I am reminded again that faith holds on to what will be prior to seeing it. Faith says, I am healed, even though the process continues.  Faith says, all will be well with me, even in the darkest moments. 

I read this quote from C.H. Spurgeon recently:
"Faith enables us to so rejoice in the Lord that our infirmities become platforms for the display of His grace."

Everything that we walk through is an opportunity for God's grace to be seen.  Even in our weakness, He can be seen as strong. 

Faith is the key in the door that unlocks and unfolds the manifold glories of abundant grace in every circumstance.  I choose to let faith rise up in the face of my questions, and address them.  The result has been a peace that passes understanding and an assurance that "all is well, with my soul ".

All this to say, faith is the victory!
Pastor Rick

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