Pastor's Pen 4.18.2021

"Therefore you also be ready,  for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect." Matthew 24:44

It seems that we have been designed with the ability for and necessity of anticipation. 
Have often do we find ourselves looking forward to "the weekend"; that "special getaway"; that "bonus"; or just "getting back to normal"?

The value of anticipation is that it helps us to continue through times of difficulty, struggle and loss. Though we all have had unmet expectations and hopes, the gift of anticipation still rises again and again. In fact Jesus reminds us of the importance of anticipation, telling us that He is returning!

When going through hardship, it's important to remember that He promises help. In times of sickness, remembering He is our Healer. In times of loss and grief, He is the source of comfort.  When stressed, He is our strength.

Anticipation of His victorious return with hope-filled expectations is not escapism.  It is what love combined with faith does.  Jesus said to "look up and lift up your heads,  because your redemption draws near." Luke 21:28

Just as in anticipation the
songwriter wrote, "this world's not my home, I'm just passing through...", we look forward to His return!  Because of Jesus, we can be unashamedly anticipating His arrival and serving Him by serving others. 

Filled with anticipation, 
Pastor Rick Meyers 

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