Pastor's Pen 6.26.2022

Rules From Romans 
"Love must be sincere.  Hate what is evil; cling to what is good." Romans 12:9

Relationships are important! God created us to be in relationship with Him and with others. In order for those relationships to flourish, the Lord has given us simple yet vital instructions. I call these "Rules from Romans Regarding's ten for starters:

1. Genuine love (without hypocrisy) is foundational. 

2. Evil is to be hated and recognized for it's opposition to God and His ways.

3. Hold tightly to what is good, never releasing your grip.

4. Be "kindly affectionate" to one another and in brotherly love, honor others above yourself. 

5. Stay fervent in spirit and don't slack off in serving the Lord. 

6. Choose to be joyful in hope!

7. Choose to be patient in times of trial and affliction.
8. Be a person of prayer, first and foremost.
9. Share with those in their time of need. 

10. Put hospitality into practice, making others sense the same welcome God has given you. 

[See Romans 12:9-13]

This list is not exhaustive but it is excellent and will help us experience life-giving exchanges in our relationships  on our journey with Jesus. 

Pastor Rick Meyers 

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