Pastor's Pen 12.24.2022

Pastor’s Pen for Saturday, December 24, 2022
“For there is born to you this day in the city of David
a Savior, Who is Christ the Lord!”
Just for You
On a night long ago,
The skies lit up with a heavenly glow,
Angels telling shepherds to go,
Find Who is just for you…
For God the Father has sent His Son,
The Eternal, Righteous and Only One,
Declare the gift of salvation has come,
Believe on Him since He came for you…
There in a lowly manger stall,
Jesus was born, the Savior of all,
Offering forgiveness to those who call,
Yes, He came just for you…
Loudest praise; let our songs ring,
“Born this day is Christ the King”,
Death defeated, life He did bring,
Just for you…
So don’t let the noise of the season,
Deny you God’s amazing reason,
Jesus came to live in you,
His wondrous love will bring your through…
Lift up your eyes and your heart too,
Christmas means, God loves you,
He won’t give up until He’s through,
Because the Savior was born for you…

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